Chaise Lucid is more than just a chair consisting of a transition from soft corduroy into sculpture-like lucite. With a form hugging shape made of sustainable cotton (sourced through natural material) and its distinct character serving as an instrument between comfort and utility. 

Aside from the cozy details, Chaise Lucid creates an aura of ease within the user's home featuring: light and sound design embedded into its natural flow of shape. Made from electric light with a color-changing LED fixture circling around the base plus music speaker below the seating to create an intimate moment between one's self through comfort, color and sound. The lighting and music features are powered through a mobile app on the user's smartphone making it simple to connect via. Bluetooth pairing. This unique piece breaks away from the traditional design of chairs on the market and is created as a piece of furniture therapy with technology in mind adapting to our human lifestyle. 

Design is based on having ‘a solid foundation with a soft tenderness to create balance’ while the light and sound elements serve as a form of sense on how to utilize color and music more for mental health relaxation. These elements play on inspiration, expression and overall well being.

Furniture Design: Rasharie Brown

Visual Renders: Bored Eye Design

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